The Emerging Mind:
by Dr. Karen Nesbitt Shanor Ph.D. 
Contributors Include: Deepak Chopra, M.D., Karl Pribram, M.D., Frank Putnam, M.D., Jayne Gackenbach, Ph.D., and John Spencer, Ph.D.
 (Renaissance Books, 1999)
"Based on the popular Smithsonian Institution lecture series, The Emerging Mind sheds new light on the evolution of the mind and the nature of human consciousness. Dr. Karen Nesbitt Shanor demonstrates how everyday thoughts truly can become things. With never-before-published contributions from outstanding thinkers like Drs. Deepak Chopra, Karl Pribram, Frank Putnam, Jayne Gackenbach, and John Spencer, The Emerging Mind includes valuable information on the study of multiple personality disorders, states of consciousness, hypnosis, dreaming, and the intriguing connection of the body and mind."
Karen Nesbitt Shanor, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist. She has studied with Dr. Karl Pribram, an internationally renowned authority on the brain, and she is one of the nation's leading media experts on matters of the mind, appearing frequently on CBS News, CNN, the Today Show, and Good Morning America. She is also the bestselling author of The Shanor Study: The Sexual Sensitivity of the American Male, and The Fantasy Files: The Sexual Fantasies of Contemporary Women. She resides in Washington D.C.

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