The 3 Season Diet:
Solving the Mysteries of Food Cravings, Weight Loss, and Exercise 
by John Douillard 
 (Harmony, 2000)

"For 50 years the debate over high-protein, low-fat, and high-carbohydrate diets has confused the American people. Each diet is backed by convincing scientific research indicating that it is the best and only way to lose weight. But how can they all be right? The answer is astonishingly simple. Each one is right, but for only four months of the year! The secret to making these diets work together for a lifetime is to use each one in the appropriate season as designed by nature: lowfat in the spring, high carbohydrates in the summer, and high protein (and fat) in the winter. Fitness and diet expert John Douillard explains his system in which the body's cravings actually support both a weight-loss and a way-of-life diet."


John Douillard is director of player development for the New Jersey Nets and is the author of Body Mind and Sport. Currently he cohosts the number one rated radio talk show in Colorado, Health Time